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The studio is fitted with top gear and carefully accoustically tuned rooms working together to create a professional sounding product. They work with  solo artists, businesses, film makers and local schools providing quality recording on everything from basic demos, webinars, podcasts to full length albums.

Clients of Gracenote are able to take advantage of a comfortable recording room while working one-on-one with an experienced audio engineer. The studio provides competitive rates along with a no hassle approach to scheduling and project management.

This is the studio where you will feel like at home and relaxed so that we can take care of all your Audio or Video recording needs under one roof. We are located in the heart of the Pune City and studio is accessible with ample 4 wheeler Government Parking across the street.

We offer following services :-

     -Vocal / Instrument /Karaoke Track Recording

     -Dubbing and Audio/Video Editing


     -Music Arrangement,Mixing and Mastering

     -Foley and background scores

     -Voice over services (Corporate, Radio spots)

     -Voice over services (TVCs, E-Learning etc)  


     -Youtube Video Film Making

     -Music Album Production


Gracenote Studio truly believes in providing the highest quality recording possible using today's latest technology. The key point for good Quality Accoustics which is taken care of.

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The most important step to any high quality recording is proper audio mixing. Bring out the best of every detail in your mix.Stand out from the crowd. Proper audio mastering transforms your music into a professional sounding product.

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